A blue themed baby shower

The beauty of baby showers is that everyone knows someone new is coming into this world. We all turn into this gleeful creatures rubbing our hands in anticipation to meet this new being. In our minds we wonder who the baby will resemble, will they be chubby, smiley or grumpy, will they come during the shower? (That would be a bit dramatic).

April 17th will be marked as a day in history in the lives of Chep (The soon to be mama) and Chebby (Chep’s very creative sister and our client). Chebby briefed us about her grand idea for her sister’s baby shower. I have to say she has many good ideas and was a very engaged client. She wanted everything to be themed blue since the sister was expecting a baby boy.

Back at our house of hampers lab, we came up with cool ideas for her blue event. We created cute blue pompoms, got lovely white balloons, came up with cute little blue gift favors, set up a photo booth and added some cool blue stripped straws. You can already tell we were working with a shoe string budget but we were determined to make the event a success for Chep.

We set off to work and these were the results.


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