Mothers are like superheros sent by God Himself to watch over us. They are amazing human beings. They stop at nothing to make sure that we are comfortable and safe.

This year’s Mother’s day was commemorated on the 8th of May. We have to admit that this is one of the days we look forward to. It is always special creating a customized hamper for a client who wants to appreciate his/her mother. We always feel like love is in the air and the ideas we get from our clients are so sweet.

This year we made hampers for different kinds of mums. One was for a client’s mother in law. We thought that was really special, especially in a world that portrays the mother in law as a protective parent and many other things that I cannot write here. The other hamper was to a mother who treated our client like a daughter.

We felt the love and appreciation in the air this weekend.

We would like to appreciate all the mothers out there who are holding down jobs, juggling careers and family and still get the time to look amazing. This is to all the yummy mummies. Happy Mother’s Day.IMG-20160512-WA0021IMG-20160512-WA0024


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