Intimate Corporate End of Year Party

When we think of corporate end of year parties, we think of boring speeches and compulsory attendance where we basically grin and bear it as we wait for the bar to open (or maybe it’s just us?)

This company proved otherwise. At Generation Kenya, they are a happy bunch. Each colleague was either greeted with cheers or  fits of laughter (based on their inside jokes, or costumes) from the moment they arrived at Fogo Gaucho Restaurant in Kilimani.

The party theme was glasses and cowboy hats. We brought these along as photo props, but the guests grabbed them the minute they saw them and wore them as costumes 🙂

We made use of their company colors to make the photo booth backdrop and photo frame, as well as some party favors for each of the guests.

I’m sure they had loads of fun from the laughter and conversation we witnessed as we were leaving. Let’s all borrow a leaf from Generation Kenya and make our end of year parties memorable and fun! (And of course, call us to make it look great too!)


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